Friday, 22 February 2013

Robot Rock

Tea and Biscuits, Salt and Pepper, Films and Popcorn, Boys and Robots!

Left to Right: Robots and Cars fabric - Kokka Trefle, Puff Painted Yellow and Grey Cushion, Robot CushionsDrawstring Bag (Fabric on Spoonflower)Cross Stitch Pattern, Robot Print in Linen/Cotton blend - Kokka Trefle, Robots Embroidery Pattern, Robot Poster, I <3 Robots Cross Stitch (etsy)

Ahren's Robot Bag

I've made a tutorial for this kind of bag before but it's pretty simple and there are lots of detailed and clear tutorials out there for messenger bags. I used an A4 sheet of paper for the pattern of this bag and made the bottom and sides 8cm deep - perfect size for a 9 year old.

What I used:

(less than) 1/2m Robot linen for the outer bag and strap
same amount of blue cotton for the lining
small amount striped brown linen for details and strap
1 A4 sized piece of natural linen for the back of the front pocket.

(- I also used Vilene interfacing on the inner pieces and quilt wadding on the back and bottom pieces to make it a little more sturdy)

The bag took about 3 hours to cut and sew up and another 3 days for me to get around to stitching on the little cross-stitched bots to the front. I didn't have much of the robot fabric to play with so I was nervous about cutting it up, but I love how it turned out.

This little pocket is my favourite thing about the whole bag.

Happy Half-Term

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