Tuesday, 5 March 2013

More Robots

Just sharing a quick little project that I've been meaning to make since Christmas. I used the rest of the Kokka robot print to make this handy little gadget case for Ahren's Kindle Fire. I had planned for the case to open like a book and stay on the tablet when in use but realised that you don't want a cover on it whilst playing tilty-type games so it's more like a little gadget sleeping bag.

I sandwiched together some very heavy duty interfacing, batting, and outer fabric together, sewed it around the bottom and side, attached the closure flap and then used a green cotton for the lining. The magnetic closure has two layers of felt to protect the tablet from damage on the inside. Quick top-stitch then done.

And it fits snuggly inside the front pocket of his messenger bag, hurrah!

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