Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring in my step

Spring has officially sprung and it's given me a much needed boost. I love winter (well, I love Christmas and the idea of snow) but hate the side effects. Being cold puts me in a bad mood, the dark evenings and days don't inspire me to do anything very productive, and the bad weather is so limiting, especially since moving to Cornwall in the end of autumn last year. So, warmer weather, brighter days, longer evenings; I feel like we can finally feel all of the benefits of living in such a beautiful part of the world. Cobwebs blown away, spring cleaning in full force, and homey sewing on the agenda.

I dug out my little pile of Amy Butler Midwest Modern that had been waiting for the right project and decided it was destined for placemats. I made the first one and straightened out the kinks, which took the whole evening, and then went back to it and made three more in the same time that it had taken to make the first one. I can never decide if I love or hate it when that happens. Anywho, they're pretty and I still have enough fabric left to make a table runner, yay.

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