Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pretty Hexagons

There are only so many times that a girl can resist so much loveliness...

1.                                                          2.                                                         3.
 4.                                                          5.                                                         6.
 7.                                                          8.                                                         9. 
There have been so many pretty hand and machine pieced hexagon projects floating around that I had to try it. I'd been pinning and admiring them for months and the (previously) warm weather teamed with the tragic demise of my once beloved sewing machine were the perfect combination to actually get me started. So here's my little addition to all of the thousands of hexagon creations out there...

(testing out the new stitches on my shiny new machine)

I finished it this morning and love it, will cherish it for many years, it will sit prettily on my bed making me happy, but it was a mother to make! I was secretly dreading sewing my lovely little pile of hexagons together but that went really well, totally enjoyed it and it was easy! It was just one of those projects where you're so close to finishing and then everything gets in the way - the lace trim fell off the front, I ripped the ribbon unpicking the lace so had to pull apart the whole cover to replace it, it had binding at one point but that looked awful, the corners weren't working... blah-de-blah. But the story has a happy ending - the cushion is finished and I have a lovely new sewing machine :D and I'm looking for my next hexagony adorned thing to make, I'm thinking small and fussy-cut but that's as far as I've got.

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