Friday, 21 June 2013

Nostalgia Pretties

Look what arrived!! yyyaay. I struggle to find any 30s reproduction prints in the UK (at a reasonable price at least) and have been obsessively patiently, stalking the cottonpatch website waiting for these ones to come in and here they are! Beautiful Storybook Classics by Windham. I had to haven them all  couldn't decide which FQs to buy so I just picked a charm pack. 

picture from - love those ladies!
I've been trawling for ideas for so long that I don't know what to do with it now that its here. I love the green star point in the middle (5) but I don't want another quilt hanging over me and never getting finished. 

                     1. retro 30s mini-quilt                         2. 30s Star Quilt                             3. Pinwheel Quilt
                     4. Heirloom quilt                                 5. Star Point Quilt                         6. 'Two Happy' Quilt pattern 

Maybe use the Kaleidoscope design (2) as a cushion? Mini-quilt? Table runner? something with paper piecing? I don't know but I'm not too bothered, I'm happy just looking at them.

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