Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Crocheted Baby Headband


I thought'd pop this little headband up on here because I was so pleased with how it turned out!

I started with a foundation chain of 68, then 1 row of trebles, joined it up into a circle, then just did a row of shell edging (4 trebles in one space, miss a space then anchor it with a slip stitch in the next space, miss another space then repeat the 4 trebles) along the top and bottom.

The flower was made-up by crocheting 10 trebles into a 3-chain circle and then alternating 4 trebles in one space and a slip stitch in the next five times to make the five little petals. 

For the leaves I just made a chain of 7 and worked a slip stitch, double, half tr, tr x2, half tr, and then a double and carried on from there to make another one. I just tried stitches until it looked about the right size and then used the ends to sew everything together.

Happy crocheting my lovelies!